Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is my order?

If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your order, please email us at: Clearly print your invoice number from your recent purchase.


2. How long will the order take to arrive?

We are currently taking pre-orders in time for Christmas. The Christmas orders are currently being hand-crafted in Haiti, so it will take some time. Once done, it will take a minimum of 10 days for the shipment to arrive from Haiti to the United Kingdom. However, we aim to get deliveries sent out in time for Christmas.


3. What are the materials used to make the artwork?

Don't worry all the materials used are non-toxic.

  • The metal oil drum art, there is a process the artisan goes through to ensure all oil & rust is burnt off.
  • The cattle horn art, the horns are heated to remove all natural remnants, then fashioned into shape.
  • The soapstone art, is cut, sanded into shape then polished or left in the rough texture. It is not coated at all.
  • The vetiver ornaments, is made from the roots of the vetiver grass. It is a natural fragrant material.
  • The paintings use acrylic paint, and it painted on non traditional canvasses, fabrics such as denim jeans. 


4. What is our impact?

Our project, BE AN ANGEL | BUY AN ANGEL | BOOST AN ANGEL, is our impact. To learn more about us: visit the IMPACT tab on our footer. It will direct you to our information sub site explaining our story and mission of Fourth World Art.


5. How are the profits redistributed?

At the moment while we are starting up, all profits are reinvested into buying more stock. It is part of our impact strategy, as we buy art fairly with the local artisans. Once we establish our brand and develop a strong customer base, we want to reinvest 100% of our profits into carrying out our social projects, to advance educational training and architectural rebuilding.


6. Why are we called Fourth World Art?

The Fourth World denotes communities that are marginalized or forgotten by society. Even in third world countries, there are those who fall under the radar of any support. In addition, you also find Fourth World communities in First World countries. Hence, calling ourselves Fourth World Art, we support the invisible's of society.  


7. Is Fourth World Art just stocking art from Haiti?

The story stemmed from our founder, Lilian's personal experience in Haiti. However, we understand our business model can be scaled into other Fourth World artisan communities facing crisis. We are always open to discovering hidden artistic talent worldwide.   


8. Are we a registered Charity?

Fourth World Art is a social business with the mission of buying and selling artisan made products that help alleviate poverty for communities that live in crisis stricken countries. There is the possibility of creating a non-profit arm of Fourth World Art, that will become a registered charity, but for the moment we want to remain a social business.